Getting Started: 3 Steps to Successful Giving

Congratulations on becoming a Business for Good!

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll get your giving up and running in no time. If you'd like to get a full tour of B1G1 and all its features, join us on the Onboarding Webinar.

The 3 steps to successful giving:

  1. Explore the projects page and favorite a project
  2. Create a Giving Story
  3. Make your first impact

Note: Certain features in your B1G1 account will only be accessible after you do your first giving.

Step 1: Explore the projects page and favorite a project

Favoriting a project is highly recommended to filter projects based on what resonates with you. It is also required in order to create a Giving Story later on.

First things first, head to the Projects page in your account's top navigation bar.

Use the Filters on the left-hand side to search for a project that resonates with you. You have the option of filtering by Keyword, Category, SDG, Beneficiaries, Country, Region, or Worthy Cause.

Once you find a project that you connect with, simply click on the Heart ❤️ icon to favorite it.

Step 2: Create a Giving Story

A Giving Story is a feature on B1G1 that helps you embed giving into your business. You create a story that links your business activity with an impact.

For example: When I send an email, I give one day of access to clean water

To create a Giving Story, head to the Giving Stories tab in your top navigation bar and click on Start Giving Now.

From the Giving Story dashboard, you can create your desired story simply with the drag-and-drop interface. From the left Suggested Activities column, choose a business activity that you want to link and from the right Suggested Projects column, choose a project that you favorited earlier.

Click CREATE and you're done!

Tip: You also have the option to automatically give to a Giving Story every month. Automate Your Giving covers the steps to do that.

Step 3: Make your first impact

Just like you would do your online shopping, giving through B1G1 is just a matter of adding your desired story or project to your cart.

To add a Giving Story to your cart, simply adjust the desired Quantity then click Add to Giving Cart.

To add a project to your cart, either 1) add to cart from the Actions menu or 2) add to cart from the detailed project page.

Once you have your desired Giving Stories and Projects in your cart, simply select Proceed to Give to check out your cart!

Congratulations!! You've now made your first impacts with B1G1 and are well on your way to making a difference in the world just by doing what you normally do.

But wait, there's more!

Once you have these basic features mastered, you can now think about streamlining and maximising your impacts. Check out our help centre to learn more about B1G1 or reach out to us at for help.

Here are some recommended next steps for your giving journey:

  1. Automate your giving
  2. Create an impact page to share about your impacts
  3. Involve your team
  4. Invite a friend
  5. Become a B1G1 Champion
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