Using the Media Kit

After you've made some impacts, it is only natural to want to share this wonderful news with your community. To help you achieve this, B1G1 has prepared a Media Kit with helpful guides and media collaterals.

Simply click on Share > Media Kit to access it.

Note: This feature is only available after you have completed your first giving.


In this section, you'll find the B1G1 Brand Guide, a folder of Useful Pictures, and brochures that you can use share your involvement in the B1G1 Business for Good movement. All of this comes in handy when you want to Create an Impact Page or Share about Your Giving. If you're looking for collateral that isn't found on this page, simply reach out to us at and we'll do our best to help.

Examples of what you'll find here:

  • B1G1 Brand Colors
  • B1G1 Brand Fonts (like this one you're seeing right now!)
  • B1G1 Logos (in many variations!) and how to use them
  • Photos from projects


More resources become available for different member types too. When you become a Movement Builder, you'll unlock even more resources! 

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